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4 Reasons Why Gen Z Loves Dwellsy


When it comes to the companies they use, Gen Z’s top priorities are transparency and authenticity. As digital natives, Zoomers won’t hesitate to call out marketing that they deem “fake” or opaque. Your principles have to line up with your practices if you want Gen Z’s loyalty.

Dwellsy prizes honesty and authenticity just as much as Gen Z does, and we can prove it. Our mission is to make it easier for renters to find “hard-to-find” rentals. So how are we making the rental market more transparent, more authentic, and easier to navigate? Here’s what we’re doing:

1. Dwellsy is the biggest and most comprehensive rental database

Jumping between Zillow, Apartments.com, Facebook, and a dozen other sites is frustrating. It’s hard to keep track of rentals, get in touch with landlords, and understand your options when you’re switching between platforms. Renters should be able to find all of the country’s available rentals in one place, and Dwellsy wants to be that place. With 13 million rentals and counting, we’re the country’s biggest rental inventory. Our comprehensive database makes rental hunting clearer, simpler, and more convenient––all things Gen Z loves.

2. Dwellsy wants to be 100% fraud-fee

Part of Dwellsy’s authenticity is our commitment to being fraud-free. In an industry rife with scams, we aim for 100% legitimate listings. That’s why we have a verification badge for landlords and property owners who want to prove their authenticity. Renters can even filter their searches to show only verified properties. You won’t find any fakes here. Also for Dwellsy Edge buyers, we offer $2,000 in fraud protection just in case (psst, we haven’t needed to use it yet)

3. Dwellsy is disrupting pay-to-play

On most rental search engines, landlords pay for their rentals to be listed in renters’ search results. This leads to results crammed with irrelevant sponsored listings. This “pay-to-play” model deceives renters, and it doesn’t line up with Dwellsy’s values or the values of many Gen Z renters. On Dwellsy, landlords list for free, and renters only see the rentals that are most relevant to their search filters. This makes Dwellsy’s model fairer than pay-to-play. Renters know that what they’re putting into the search bar is exactly what they’ll get in their results.

4. Dwellsy levels the playing field for small landlords

Part of the reason that Dwellsy is disrupting the pay-to-play model is because it unfairly benefits big property management companies. Those companies are able to pay for their listings to be boosted, while smaller landlords’ rentals rarely show up in renters’ search results. By undercutting pay-to-play, Dwellsy makes it easier for small landlords to get their rentals in front of the eyes of renters. If it matches your search criteria, you’ll see it in your results, no matter how big or small the landlord. Transparency helps those with less money and power, as Gen Z knows.

5. Dwellsy engages with the rental world’s issues head-on

Dwellsy is run by a team of people who are or have been renters and landlords, so we can back up our authenticity with experience. That’s why we run a blog dedicated to discussing all kinds of issues in the rental world, from fraud to affordability to getting rid of mold. We don’t want to hide from folks’ day-to-day issues, we want to face them. We believe that’s part of what makes us authentic, and we think Gen Z would agree.

At Dwellsy, we work to put transparency and authenticity at the heart of everything we do, and we can prove it. We believe in Gen Z’s dedication to making sure that companies’ principles line up with their products, and that’s why we’re the right location for all of their rental searches.

Looking for a new rental home? Check out Dwellsy today!

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