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Dwellsy Direct Makes Listing Easier for Small Landlords


Dwellsy is thrilled to announce the launch of Dwellsy Direct, a new sign-up process which will make it easier than ever for small landlords to list with us.

What is Dwellsy Direct?

Dwellsy Direct is a new way of listing with Dwellsy, created specifically for small landlords. We’re defining “small landlords” as people who have 1-4 vacant units at one time (even though they may own more units than that in total). Dwellsy Direct is vigilant against fraud, but it still only takes a few minutes to sign up and get your listings published.

What Makes It Stand Out?

If you’re a small landlord looking to list your units online, you generally have two choices. The first is to list with a large site where you’ll pay per listing. That’s expensive, and it’s hard to get your listing seen when you’re competing with big property management companies. Those companies have the money to pay for their listings to be shown more often in renters’ search results. Renters will see their listings more often even if your listing is a better match for their search. 

The other option for a small landlord is to list with a free site like Craigslist. The problem is that these sites have a lot of fraud because they’re anonymous. It can be difficult for renters to tell which listings are genuine. Even if your listing is perfectly legitimate, it can get buried beneath all of the fraudsters.

Dwellsy Direct fixes this issue: It’s fraud-free and you don’t pay to list on it. Your units will join Dwellsy’s inventory of over 12 million listings nationwide, the biggest rental database in America. Then, your listings will show up in renters’ search results if the listings match the search criteria. That’s it. No paying, no hassle about fraud. Easy, straightforward, and everyone benefits.

How Does It Work?

The signup process for Dwellsy Direct only takes a few minutes. In order to keep Dwellsy Direct fraud-free, it’s not an anonymous process. You’ll have to give us your real name, phone number, email, and the verifiable addresses of your listings. We only use this information to make sure that you’re a real landlord and not a bot or someone looking to scam renters.

After you sign up with your information, you answer a few questions about the type of unit(s) you are listing. You can upload pictures, too. Then your listing will be published on Dwellsy. You’ll get interested renters in no time.

Sign up with Dwellsy Direct here.

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