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Landlord Tips: Using Dwellsy to Create a Standout Listing

Jonas Bordo

I’m a landlord who's been managing rentals since I started developing my portfolio in 2015. As a smaller landlord worried about her bottom line, I’ve listed on every free platform available! Name a site and I’ve used it. Guaranteed!

And all of that experimentation has taught me one thing. The best listings are designed with the tenant in mind. That’s it! By keeping the tenants at the forefront of the design process, I’m able to create listings that typically fill vacancies in less than a week after posting. So here are my top 3 tricks to creating a renter-centric listing in Dwellsy!

Take Detailed Pictures

Any renter can tell you how valuable pictures are when they are deciding on a new place. Pictures not only show your audience exactly what is offered, they also help your future tenants imagine what their new lives would look like after the move. So it is IMPERATIVE that you take detailed pictures to add to your listing.

My two best suggestions for taking detailed pictures? Be accurate and organized. Renters want to see what the space TRULY looks like and be able to visualize the layout of the space. Ideally, you’d add a video walkthrough or a blueprint, but that’s not an absolute requirement! You can instead take clear, well-lit pictures starting from the outside and methodically work your way through the space. This will give everyone the most accurate and informed idea of what their future home will look like!

Keep Description Under 5 Sentences

Although pictures are what most renters want to see, your written description provides information that can’t be directly photographed. Use the description to talk about what makes your space unique and why they should choose you over other potential options. 

This is the chance for you to brag! So boast! Show off! But make sure to keep the description to less than 5 sentences. Renters are not interested in reading long drawn-out paragraphs. Spend that energy instead on taking more detailed pictures, and focus on keeping your description as concise as possible.

Provide All Necessary Information

Do you know one of the worst feelings when trying to fill a vacancy? It’s realizing after a tour that there is something on the tenant’s application that would cause immediate rejection. Maybe it’s because there are too many people on the application or the pet can’t be insured. Maybe the tenant’s income is too low or their housing voucher doesn’t cover the rent.

Whatever it is, be UPFRONT and HONEST about the qualifications in the beginning in order to not waste your time or your tenants. Make sure all requirements are clear and current in order to avoid confusion and frustration with what can be a tiring process.

With these three strategies, you should have no problem filling your vacancies in no time! Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know down below!

Written by Deandra McDonad

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