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What Makes Dwellsy’s Data Better, Part 3: How to Use It

Written by Jonas Bordo

At this point, you know that Dwellsy’s data is the broadest and deepest in the rental world. You also know the ways that our data breaks down when you look more closely at the numbers, showcasing a rich and diverse set of listings. Like all data, however, Dwellsy’s data shines the brightest when it’s being put to good use. That’s when it’s your time to shine.

We’re confident that Dwellsy’s data will offer you the competitive edge you need to get ahead in the rental market. We’ve talked about the reasons why we’re great––who else can offer you millions of listings across thousands of zip codes, especially with minute-to-minute updates? Now, though, let’s talk about how you can actually use Dwellsy’s data. Here are a few of our ideas.

Predict and Determine Rental Prices

Not only do you need to know what’s going on in your area’s rental market now, you also need to know where the market is headed. Dwellsy’s data can help you understand how the market is trending in your area, so that you’ll know how rental prices will change. You’ll see trends in real time, which means you don’t have to do any guesswork. No more relying on your gut or on a few ancient data points. Instead, use Dwellsy’s up-to-the-minute data to get ahead of the trends and move with the market.

Understand Comparable Properties

You know that a property’s value depends largely on the comparable properties around it. If there’s not much info on those properties available, though, you’re stuck. Dwellsy’s data can help you understand your comps without all of the digging for info. The breadth of our listings means that we have data in zip codes that other companies don’t, across single and multifamily properties. Often, you’ll be able to see the rent price a full month ahead of a property vacancy. You’ll also be able to see amenities and photos from comps in your area, so that you’re best positioned to take on the competition.

Identify Acquisition Opportunities

If you’re looking to sell or buy, Dwellsy’s data can give you incredible insight into a property’s value. You’ll have access to all-important data points such as the rent price and amenities, as well as rich photography of the property. You’ll also be able to see comps in the area to give you an idea of the property’s worth relative to the market’s other offerings. On top of this, our data’s minute-to-minute updates will also help you understand the true value of the property, especially paired with our information about market trends.

Dwellsy’s data is truly a wealth of untapped potential, and we’re excited to share it with the rental world. We’re sure that there are so many uses for it that we haven’t even discovered yet. This is just the beginning!

Bursting with ideas about how you can use Dwellsy’s data? Head on over to Dwellsy IQ to get started.

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