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What Makes Dwellsy's Data Better Pt. 1

Jonas Bordo

When you’re deciding how your rental should be priced, you want to know about rental market trends in your area. To get the full picture, you need the best rental data available on similar rentals in your city––solid, current data from a variety of reliable sources. There’s nothing more important to the process of comparative analysis.

Sadly, though, good rental data can be hard to find. Maybe you’re in an area with limited online information, so you can’t see how the rentals around you are priced or what amenities they offer. Or maybe your sources update sporadically, and you’re worried that your understanding of what the market looks like is months old. Conditions shift in the blink of an eye these days––you need to know what the market is like right now, not three months ago.

Unique Rental Data

No database is big enough to contain the whole rental landscape, of course. That means you need a diverse set of sources to ensure that your rental data set is comprehensive. So what if we told you that there’s a crucial source missing from your data? In fact, what if we told you that you don’t know about the biggest rental database in the country?

Dwellsy is that database. We have 14 million listings and we’re growing rapidly. We’re vigilant about fraud, so our rentals are legitimate. Within our millions upon millions of listings, the richness and depth of our rental data is extraordinary––Dwellsy has up-to-date info about pricing, units, amenities, photography, and everything else you need to know. These listings are in 16,000 zip codes across the country, so we are truly nationwide. No one else has as much aggregated rental data about rentals as we do. Your sources might be good, but trust us: Dwellsy’s nationwide database of 14 million listings will win every time.

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