Do you take housing vouchers (section 8)?

Dwellsy works by bringing you a comprehensive listing of available rentals in the US. We have Landlord who accept section 8 and housing vouchers who advertise on Dwellsy, but Dwellsy is not a landlord -- just a platform that landlords and renters use. When you use Dwellsy to find listings, you'll be able to search for listings that do take section 8. There are two ways to find properties that take housing vouchers on Dwellsy: 1) By looking for places that meet your criteria and then reaching out directly to the landlords to find out more about it (this option can help you find listings from landlords that did not include the information if they do or do not take section 8). 2) Filtering by properties from landlords/property managers that posted listings with the additional information that they do take housing vouchers (using our housing voucher filter with the option need activated).