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Saving Money in the Long Run with Dwellsy Edge


When you’re applying for rentals, the fees can add up quickly. Most rental application fees range from $35–$75 dollars a pop––and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the unit in the end. Few of us have that kind of money to burn, so cost-saving measures can really help out. That's why we created Dwellsy Edge.

With Dwellsy Edge, you’ll get instant text alerts when the perfect rental for you hits the market. You’ll also be able to save your preferences so that you don’t have to re-enter them every time you search on Dwellsy. These features mean you’ll be first in line when you apply to new rentals, and if there’s one rule to rental hunting, it’s that you can win by being first.

Dwellsy Edge is a paid service ($19.99 for a whole year), but it’ll provide a return on your investment: you’ll actually end up saving money in the long run. The faster you find a home, the less you’ll spend on application fees overall. We’ll prove it with a couple of example scenarios. (To be clear, these examples are fiction; they didn’t happen to real renters.)

Dylan: The Renter Without Dwellsy Edge

Let’s say we have a renter named Dylan. Dylan doesn’t use Dwellsy Edge. Every week, he sends out three rental applications, and the fee for each application is around $50. This means that Dylan spends $150 on application fees every week. It takes Dylan three weeks to find an apartment, because he was always later than other qualified applicants. In total, he spent $450 on application fees after applying to nine different rentals.

Shani: The Renter with Dwellsy Edge

This time, let’s say we have a renter named Shani. Shani pays $19.99 for a full year of Dwellsy Edge during her rental hunt. She gets instant text alerts every time a rental with her criteria goes up on Dwellsy and she always applies right away to make sure she’s first. She also sets her preferences on Dwellsy Edge so that she can search Dwellsy quickly and easily. 

Like Dylan, Shani applies to three rentals a week, and each application fee comes to around $50. This means Shani is paying $150 a week during her rental hunt, plus the one-time $20 she paid to use Dwellsy Edge for a year. However, Shani finds her perfect rental in just under two weeks because Dwellsy Edge gave her a head start. During her hunt, Shani paid for six rental applications, which came out to $300. When we add her Dwellsy Edge fee, her total comes to $320. Shani saved $130 more than Dylan! Plus, Shani had an easier time overall during her rental hunt because of her subscription to Dwellsy Edge.

We know that you might be wary of paying for more features when Dwellsy is free to use. When you consider the cost of applying to rentals, however, it makes sense to invest. You want to think long-term about what will save you cash. We want to help.

You can sign up for Dwellsy Edge here.

Happy hunting and best of luck!

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